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Hi, we are Out Of The Phone

A unique print-on-demand and publishing platform for photo lovers

Since its foundation in 2013 by French printer Pierre Le Govic, OUT OF THE PHONE has focused on printing and publishing the best images from the enormous digital flow of photography-related social media. Everything now is viewed on phones, tablets or computers. Our Mission is to bring to life these volatile digital snapshots by engraving their trace on paper through books that become artwork themselves. By building on our long experience in printing and publishing, we now offer a print-on-demand service available for all photo enthusiasts.

Tailor-made photo books

Unlike other online photo-album printing services, Out Of The Phone offers a tailor-made approach. Here, no template. We adapt our layout to both your images and the editorial line of our collection. We start our on-demand service with a stylish travel notebook. Other kind of high-quality books will soon be added to our catalogue.


A book collection devoted to the mobile generation

We have been curating mobile photography from the early days of Instagram. With 55K+ followers, our inspiring community is growing everyday. Now we encourage photographers to print their work and not allow it to simply rest on their phones or end up lost before the best images are backed up. Selected stories are sold in our online bookshop with the goal of bringing more recognition to the artists and their work.

A team of passionate people loving photography, printing and beautiful books


Our graphic designers

Out Of The Phone has teamed up with talented graphic designers in order to create a strong editorial line and be able to make tailor-made books on a daily basis.


The founder

Pierre Le Govic has been working in the field of photography and graphic arts for about 25 years. He ran his own printing company specialized in printing photography books before founding Out Of The Phone. Having printed many photo books for famous photographers (Jeanloup Sieff, Raymond Depardon, Willy Ronis, Daido Moriyama, William Eggleston, Josef Koudelka,...), he knows how to push back his limits.


Our printers

No beautiful books without top-quality printers. We work with the best using the latest printing technologies but more importantly with the most appropriate printing recipes.

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    'This publisher will help you turn your iPhone photos into a fine art book'
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We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate people.

Feel free to contact us if you like our philosophy.

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