Matière Numérique — Marcol

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Matière Numérique — Marcol


Digital photography is not virtual. It requires physical matter to exist: objective lens, sensor and memory. Even if sensor and memory are today electro-computational, photography requires a technological process that is part of the real world. This implies, willy-nilly, hardware and software technological limits. When the process is pushed into its limits, then appear artifacts that are none other than the indices of its limits. And these indices, visible on images, become a poetic photographic matter, a digital matter.


  • Specifications
    • 45 photographs
    • High-quality digital printing
    • Size : 13,5 x 21 cm
    • 52 pages + cover
    • Text paper: 120 gsm premium offset paper
    • Cover paper : 290 gsm fully coloured paper
    • Craft sewn binding
    • Round corners

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