Abstraction at Source — Caroline de Bertodano

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Abstraction at Source — Caroline de Bertodano


Abstraction is all around us in every day life. It does not depict reality but lives within reality co-existing alongside us.In the empty space between objects and movement. In the texture of materials and light. In a movement or action and the echo’s produced. The hidden music in the score that we hear through our eyes.
All shots are the source of abstraction in everyday moments with minimal editing.

Caroline de Bertodano is a documentary & street photographer that believes in truth in all its forms and no labels. Trained in music and Art History & worked in Modern Art for 12 years.

Became a photographer at 37 whilst living in Japan for 3 years. Worked as a Photojournalist. Raised a family. Her work is in collections worldwide.

Instagram : @c__de__b

  • Caractéristiques
    • 45 photographies en N&B
    • Impression numérique haute qualité
    • Format : 13,5 x 19,5 cm
    • 52 pages + couverture
    • Papier intérieur : couché extra mat bouffant 115 gr.
    • Papier de couverture : Offset supérieur coloré 290 gr.
    • Reliure artisanale en couture Singer
    • Coins arrondis

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