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The Usual Paths A Story by Ricardo Gómez Pérez

The proposal that Ricardo Gómez Pérez has been developing lately is conceived as a homogeneous body of work, based on a persistent creative exploration of the notion of photography as an object, and of the objet trouvé as a subject of representation. It corresponds to a dialectic from which both the process and the material are translated into an image—derived from experimenting with new technologies, —which infuse it with a unique and singular language. Undoubtedly, the level of democratization reached by photography today allows it to participate in day-to-day life, by outlining the visual expressions of an era through instant records, since the accessibility to digital devices has granted large majorities an increasingly active participation in the creation of documents and the production of memories. This extreme saturation of images and their constant media circulation, which occurs interchangeably between the public and the private domain, marks and highlights however the place and reach of signature photography.

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