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Walking in Istanbul A Story by Raphaël de Vannoise

In this photobook, I am speaking of the young men of Istanbul who spend their days together on Istiklal Avenue, of the old men who head to the mosque early morning in Sultanhamet, of the Bosphorus people cross every day on creaking ferries, lost in their thoughts.

Here I am speaking of the women of Istanbul gazing at the Golden Horn at sunset, going out at night in the winter rain, coming home on Sunday evening with their family.

Here I am speaking of the children playing in the street, of the taxi drivers rushing though Pera in their yellow cabs, of the dogs wandering all night under the streetlights.

Here I am speaking of the small part of people’s lives we can understand walking in Istanbul, and of the many lives we just see passing in the light or in the shadow. I do not try to tell their stories - street photography does not tell stories. I just aim at showing they have one of their own, going at their pace, following their thoughts. All of them, together and alone, make the motion of the city.

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