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Dualphotography A Story by Tristan Zand

Dualphotography is a photographic technique I started using years ago that consists of simultaneously taking two back-to-back photographs (a dualphoto) of one scene, thus capturing images from both sides of a photographic device.

With their back and front facing lenses, smartphones would be ideal dualcameras. I therefore developed and distributed the Duall Dualphoto and Camare apps.

They can be used to simultaneously capture both a subject and its photographer (as with a selfie), but holding the device in alternative ways it can snap both sides of a single location without the photographer.

Its dual reverse point of view adds a supplementary narrative layer while removing the blindspot behind that of a single photo, opening all new horizons for photographic storytelling.

This series is a selection of my original experiment with that new apparatus/medium.

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